MariaDB Database Course-MariaDB Database Basics for Perl Developers

Getting Started with MariaDB will give you a detailed explanation of how to install MariaDB and the basics of MariaDB. The goal is for Perl developers to learn the basics of MariaDB and master working with working-level databases. MariaDB is a MySQL-compatible relational database system forked from MySQL. The project was forked when MySQL was acquired by Oracle.

As of 2021, MariaDB and MySQL have a significant difference in their internal source code. There was also a change in the version numbering method. It is also expected that the difference in external functions will widen. Therefore, I decided to create a commentary site for MariaDB.

MariaDB installation

This is an explanation of how to install MariaDB.

Installing MariaDB on Ubuntu

Connecting to MariaDB database

User management

Database management

Basic SQL

Saving and loading data

MariaDB function

Table management

Field definition

Disk capacity survey

Database engine

Foreign key constraint


Performance survey

MariaDB settings

Article list

MariaDB related courses

MariaDB related course.

MariaDB related course.

> Web application development

Since web applications are heavily accessed in parallel by clients, storing data in a relational database like MariaDB is almost essential.

Data analysis

When data analysis retrieves data from a database, it is likely that the data is stored in a relational database such as MariaDB.

Build MariaDB environment on Linux

There is a course on how to learn the basics of Linux and build an environment for MariaDB on Ubuntu.

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